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Kabir Das Ji has said :
Kabir Maala Kaath Kee,
Kahi Samjhave Tohi
Man Na Firave Aapna,
Kaha Firave Mohi

Chalti Chakki Dekh Kar,
Diya Kabira Roye
Dui Paatan Ke Beech Mein,
Sabit Bacha Na Koy

Word To Americans
As Communicated by His Holiness Param Sant Param Dayal Faqir Chand Ji Maharaj

You may clearly understand why I have come to world,in search of truth.Sant kabir said that all the devotees,even past saints and sages failed to realize God.I was not able to understand the sayings of saints. See it has been confirmed by many of my disciples that they have experienced many miracles and had lots of faith.They create my image & my image helps and guides them,cures them and changes their destinies. But I am not there.

This morning one sadhu was here in his mental intoxication, hurt himself with blows, one on right one on left. Now look towards yourself ,you are entrapped in your mind. You are searching the truth .No one can reach the goal unless one goes beyond the mental region. He alone can reach the soul. Today one North American is here and I thought it is my duty to guide you.

All the religions, all the goodness, all the evils, any kind of ideas that come to the brain is nothing but impressions of mind & thought.

If you wish that you may not come again in the physical form ,the only way is to concentrate within yourself and go beyond the mental region ,concentrate on Light & Sound. Christ also said that word was with God and God was with word. Is it not?

I don’t say that founder of Ashram is wrong, but they are incomplete.

There are many stages that one goes through during life & so is in the spiritual stages. Those who wish to reach to the top and wish salvation they must concentrate and meditate within them on light & sound. This is not work of a day. Majority is not fit to attain this truth as the world wants mental solace & happiness ,SAT,CHIT & ANANDA.

frightened, (because smoke was coming out of the kitchen) Baba Faqir Chand forced the door open with an axe. His mother came out, suffocating the smoke in the kitchen, angry and disappointed. Overpowered by motherly affection, Baba Faqir Chand embraced her and implored, "Mother, why did you not open the door? Had you been suffocated to death, where could I have found you dear mother?" Then she spoke thus, "you have killed the baby of a mother. The mother hen must be wailing over the loss of her dear child. You have committed a terrible sin." Baba Faqir Chand prayed and wept to God in the form of Rama and Krishna because he wanted his mental slate of the sins of his undesirable acts cleaned. Once, he wept for 24 hours continuously for the glimpse of his Lord. Doctors were called in and they administered medicine to him. At about 5 A.M. Maharishi Shiv Brat Lal Ji Maharaj appeared in his vision. He drew water from a near well and gave him a bath and then told him his address of Lahore .

This vision convinced Baba Faqir Chand that God had incarnated Himself in the form of Maharishi Shiv Brat Lal Ji. So Baba Faqir Chand wrote every week to the address, which Data Dayal Ji had told him in the vision. Inside the letter he always addressed Maharishi Ji as God. After full ten months, he received a letter from Data Dayal Ji Maharaj, wherein he wrote, "Faqir, your letters, I have been receiving regularly. I value your sentiments and your passions for Lord. I, myself have discovered, Reality, Truth and peace at the feet of Rai Sahib Salig Ram Ji of Radhaswami-Matt. Provided you feel no reluctance in following this path, come and see me at Lahore ".

Baba Faqir Chand reached the ashram of Hazur Data Dayal Ji and prostrated his humble self at His Holy feet. He advised Baba Faqir Chand to attend Sat Sangs of Radha Swami Matt wherever available. In-ward practice as directed by His Holiness, became part and parcel of his life. And remained satisfied with his concentration on the Holy Form of His Holiness Hazur Data Dayal Ji Maharaj.In 1916 (during the 1st world war) Baba Faqir Chand was posted in Baghdad . Here, he threw head, heart, and himself in Sadhana. and gave as much time as possible to inward-practice and shed a life of complete celibacy. With these sincere efforts and cravings to know the truth bore fruit and in course of time Baba Faqir Chand ascended all the inner stages and experienced the relative lights and sounds at each stage of the inward path. In 1918 Baba Faqir Chand was granted annual leave from Iraq and went to His Holiness at Lahore to spend his maximum time in His Company. During his stay with His Holiness, he always troubled him with never-ending questions and queries. One day he placed before His Holiness the main agony of his heart in these words, "My God, I have traversed many in Light within and experienced sound in indescribable abundance. No doubt, these experiences have been a great source of Joy to me. But still I long to see myself and know the sublime goal of Radhaswami-matt. How and why the goal of Radhaswami-matt differs from that of other religions? I yearn to experience the declared supremacy of Radhaswami faith-myself." His Holiness assured him that he would answer his questions the next day.In December 25, 1918

Hazur Data Dayal Ji called Baba Faqir Chand to his room. Hazur Data Dayal Ji placed one coconut and 5 coins on Baba Faqir Chands' hands and made a long frontal mark on his forehead and bowed himself to his feet saying. "Faqir, you are yourself the Supreme Master of your time. Start delivering spiritual discourses to the seekers and initiate them into path of Sant-Matt. In due course, your own Sat Sangies will prove as your "True-Guru". And it is through your experiences with them that the desired secret of Sant-Matt would stand revealed to you. Faqir, you may be suffering from 99 shortcomings, but one sure virtue of Truth in you will surely lead you to your goal of life. You will not only redeem yourself, but would help many others to attain release."

Questions asked by Canadian
Whats SAT?          Physical Feelings  
Whats Chit ?         Mental Feelings and         
Whats Anand ?     Happiness of soul or bliss.
If a man tries to remain in body he cant go beyond the region of Trinity. Our origin is from beyond Sachidananada.
Canadian says “ Which first Light or Sound ?
His Holiness  says “First Light then sound”

Canadian says “How can one concentrate on the Light ?”

His Holiness says “ In the beginning you must leave the physical senses and then attain concentration on some ideal .We must meditate on image/Ideal. If you continue you will forget about physical senses.

Automatically you will catch Light ,after meditating on Light ,you will hear sound and then go in sound. When you go in sound you will hear from inside ,you will have different kinds of realizations.

Different Lights & sounds have been experienced by different yogis.

Canadian says “ I want an elucidation & clarification. How should one be sure that he is on right path after he reaches a certain stage?”

His Holiness says “ In the beginning an association of a perfect man is necessary. He will instruct you .Its not a one day job. You have to pass stages like you pass your MA studies. Therefore one must keep association of goodness & remain under guidance of perfect men.”

Canadian says” In America we have no such men ??”

His Holiness says “ I cannot say that there are such men or not, but I feel Mahatmas should not work for fame or name but must speak Truth .

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