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The Real Truth (SHRADHA & VISHWAS)



A child is walking, holding the cloth or dress of his mother and the mother is looking towards her dear child consistently. The child closes his eyes ,but is still walking with support of his mother .The road is uneven & there are stones lying on the path .whenever mother sees a stone, she takes care of every child more carefully, so that he may not fall or be hurt .How can he be hurt ,how can he fall when the unselfish love of mother is protecting him? The mother cant turn her eyes away for a few seconds. the conscious string of the child is still connected with the heart of the mother, although the navel cord was cut off from his mother at the time of his birth, yet mentally that navel has not been cut off.
The child may be careless while walking, but the mother is not .she is very attentive. Child may seem

careless towards his mother ,but in reality the mother is his only ideal & has firm faith in him. When a serpent or lion or any danger appears before him, he once jumps in the lap of his mother without any hesitation. He cant even imagine that there can be anything greater or more powerful than his mother .He never measures strength of his mother & says she is great. He totally belongs to his mother & mother belongs to him. There is unbroken bond of love & faith between the two. His little innocent mind is not capable of thinking that anything can be greater than his mother. His mother is complete world for him. He doesn’t go beyond this lovable state. Nobody on this earth has power to explain this.

The lovers of God also live in the same state. They are the children of almighty & God is their mother. Whenever they are in trouble, they turn towards God for refuge & compassionate Lord also runs towards his devoted child. The lovers of the God are never attracted by the worldly comforts & material things. God is ideal, their everything .the child has a terrible boil & needs to be operated upon .The child clings to the mother for protection,but the mother is determined that the child should go in for this operation .the surgery is performed successfully, the child suffers terrible pain & cries bitterly but he would not complain about it to her. Even if she beats him he wouldn’t utter a word .Mother is the entire world for him. In the same way God is also the mother of all his disciples.

Child is a great teacher to teach spiritual truth & firm faith ,a pure hearted, simpleminded & honest. A child can never give up the association with his mother & can never dissociate with her, in the same way a true disciple should act like a child with his guru.

The child cant distinguish between cleanliness& uncleancliness, but the mother does. But when the child is besmeared with mud & runs towards the shelter ,the mother who has put expensive clothes, even  anew sari would take her child in her lap. Why does she do that? Because she loves her child more than anything else!

The mental power of small children is strong .People who get associated with children behave like children & become pure hearted. The true devotee must also act & believe in his Master in the same fashion.

People want to test Master .They argue & debate about his being omnipresent or not. You see that a child has no such illusions about his mother. There should be unconditional love & faith on your MASTER. He never bothers if his is powerful, weak or rich or poor. A true devotee would not waste his time here & there. An aspirant should go to the refuge of his master as a true devotee & bow down to him.

Faith is the strongest foundation of thought, which can move mountains .You can ridicule blind faith, because you are not aware of the power of thought.

Pray for not only bread & butter but also compassion & grace. Pray continuously & your mind will become pure. He is within you & always in your body & mind.

Reverence& faith has great importance.Dont try to find faults with God, or in yourself because of frustration. You have come in human garb, you have to live this life & make all round progress. Sometimes worry & frustration prove beneficial & put you on the right path .Prosperity often shuts the doors of progress & poverty gives you strength to struggle.

Have complete TRUST & UNSHAKABLE FAITH on him. If you are in trouble try to forget that you are in trouble. Just remember Lord & he will take you out of this!

I have gained more from enmity of my enemies rather than my friends as I realized that had they not defamed or blamed me .i would not have advanced towards spiritualism successfully.

Try to reform your opponents with love & positive ideas. he will definitely show his compassion .

We suffer because of ignorance .If your vision becomes clear, you rise higher spiritually, you will realize that every good or bad that happens has a specific reason.

Have faith in HIM.Reverance & faith & upasana & devotion are important for success in worldly affairs as well for spiritual advancement.

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