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Kabir Das Ji has said :
Kabir Maala Kaath Kee,
Kahi Samjhave Tohi
Man Na Firave Aapna,
Kaha Firave Mohi

Chalti Chakki Dekh Kar,
Diya Kabira Roye
Dui Paatan Ke Beech Mein,
Sabit Bacha Na Koy

Pandit Dayal JI MAHARAJ


Using  seven oceans as ink
And earth to scribe upon
My hands would go
Writing the virtues of
My Guru,  on and on and on.

Sh. Prithvi nath Ji Pandit also known as Pandit Dayal  was one of the dearest and chief disciple of Sh. Govind Koul Ji Maharaj. He was an inborn  saint bestowed with divine qualities. Speaking about Pandit Dayal tantamounts to lighting a candle  before the sun. Swami Ji was born on 16th Oct. 1929 in a remote village called Muran in Tehsil Pulwama of Kashmir Province. Swami Ji was the son of Smt Tarawati and Sh.Telak ChandJi Maharaj. Smt Tarawati was a true disciple of Sh. Govind Koul Ji. Right from her childhood Smt. Tarawati used to visit Brari Maej Temple located in her village for regular worship.

Swami Govind Koul  who was also known as the King of Kings in Kashmir valley. This title was crowned/conferred upon him by a renowned kashmiri  saint Swami Nand Bab. Having remained in close association with his master right from his childhood Pandit Dayal had developed all the characteristics of a true saintly person full of compassion, simplicity and non-attachment to worldly pleasure.

Swami ji joined government service as an Accounts Officer in Kashmir Valley and later on shifted to Bombay and joined another organization  known as the Band Box.  However at the instance of his Gurus blessings he resigned from the government job and preferred to serve his guru as one of his first and foremost disciples. Following his advise only he became a perfect Brahmacharya for his entire life and remained deeply
involved in leading a pure and simple and spiritual life .He was so close to his guru who chose him as his successor during his lifetime and thus assumed the role of a leading disciple in the spiritual field. He also became to be known as Booji, Babuji, swami ji and also Pandit  Dayal. He was also authorized to give satsang and naam-daan. Every satsang given by swamiji revealed something extraordinary, that is to say every listener  used to be spell bound by the discourses given by  swami ji. These satsangs were like as is said Gaagar mein Saagar 

Swami ji  believed in the fact that one should never think of name and fame while pursing divine life. He would reiterate  it in one of his sayings:

“Na apna naam tumm rakhna , Na tum apna nishan rakhna
Nahin ki jab gaye aadat zuban pe haan nahin rakhna”

He always used to stress that there is nothing permanent  in this world  except the divine existence of Almighty. Approaches can be different but the ultimate goal is one.

Baba Faquir Chand Ji Maharaj and Peere Moonga  Sahib tried their utmost to choose Swamiji as their successor .  Although Baba  Faqir Chand ji Maharaj organized a number of satsangs in the honour of Swamiji . During these satsangs he  would clearly point out  “Prithvi Nath all these satsangs are for you because you are a noble and a truthful individual. These satsangs had a very fruitful impact on swamijis spiritual life and in consequence he moved fast in the pursuit of divine life.

One of the disciples would often say that Swamiji was just like a potter who gives shape to the pots.
Swamiji was very fond of his mother Smt.Bagyawan . She was a true disciple of her Master Govind Koul  ji Maharaj. Once in her extreme ecstacy she while realizing that her son is Lord Shiva  she poured a of bucketfulls of water over the head of her son as is the usual practice follwed by the devotees in a temple.  While doing so she would sing bhajans one of which reads as under

“Har mein ditimay nate nate gate handay gasharay”

Apart from his disciples Swamiji has always supported his sister-in-law presently residing at Bombay. Although Swamiji  was not a  householder but he showered his blessings and affection over her children. His simple teachings have always helped his disciples in spiritual matters and the experiences revealed by such disciples are full of praise for him and his miraculous powers.

One of his followers relates his own experience and states that Swamiji was a saint/ in fact a silent saint of high spiritual caliber who did not expose  himself as a saint but an ordinary individual. Only his true disciples could recognize him as an elevated divine soul.

Swami ji  always used to feel the sufferings of his loved ones and would always try to free them of it. He would always say that it is  not only the question of unshaken trust and faith in swamiji that would work wonders for him. Whenever any disciple was in trouble and would vanish like thin air. He would indulge in making miracles  and would say   that whatever we want to achieve that comes to us if we believe in Almighty.

One patient  suffering from renal stone when she approached swami ji he said that  your stone has already vanished and there is nothing to worry.. This  fact was corroborated by the  medical check-up. It  was all through the blessings of Swamiji.
Swamiji did not sit at all when he knew of somebody s pain and agony.

Again one more follower of Swami ji .. she had some problem in her legs so that she could hardly walk. As soon as Swamiji went to see her she immediately started moving  and dancing in joy, as if Gopis used to dance  in joy  in front of Kanha. Such a silent noble and divine soul was Sh. Prithvi Nath  Pandit (Pandit Dayal)

Though Swami ji  would not indulge in  frequent   discourses in a satsang. But one glance at his disciple would completely change the mindset of his disciple . Usually every saint is just like an avatar having been sent by the Almighty to uplift  mankind. Swamiji was also  one of the  Avatars having descended to liberate mankind from the miseries and sufferings of his devotees. Notwithstanding the fact that Swamiji is not physically present with us but his presence is being felt by us side by side.

Swami ji left for his heavenly abode on  14th April 1999. In the last stage of his life he had been to  Jammu and there he did such a leela as if giving  every opportunity to his disciples, his loved ones to serve him unto his satisfaction. He was  bathed in milk, showered rose flowers and gave naam daan  to even little kids. Later  he went back to his home at Bombay and on 14th April Monday he left his mortal form in the Brahma muhurat in Mumbai. He was not an ordinary soul but was an Avatar  like Kabir. Prior to his death he had intimated his very close devotees that Sant Kabir has ordered me to leave this mortal body.

 Swami ji always would say , “Silence in the beginning Silence in the End.”

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