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Kabir Das Ji has said :
Kabir Maala Kaath Kee,
Kahi Samjhave Tohi
Man Na Firave Aapna,
Kaha Firave Mohi

Chalti Chakki Dekh Kar,
Diya Kabira Roye
Dui Paatan Ke Beech Mein,
Sabit Bacha Na Koy

Manavata in kashmir


Jyon Naino Mein Putli, Tyon Maalik Ghat Mahin
Moorakh Log Na Janhin, Baahar Dhudhan Jahin

Swami Govind Koul Ji Maharaj …. The one and only among his contemporaries who excelled beyond spirituality… The Real Emperor Of Kashmir.

Swami Govind Koul Ji Maharaj was a resident of Village Wanpoh that belongs to the South of Kashmir valley. He was the son of revered Sh. Aftab Koul and his mothers name was Smt Vyeshmali. His maternal uncle (Mamaji) Sh. Krishan Joo Razdan was a veteran poet and a sufi saint of his time. His elder brother was Sh. Harihar Koul who brought up the magazine Harihar Koul Kalyan. The magazine throws light on improving the lives of Kashmiri people in general. His parents and relations surrounding him all belonged to spiritual caliber and SwamiJi himself would describe the fact in one of his bhajans as Santay mol maej santay mam that implies that saints are

my near and dear ones around me. He had an intense longing for spiritual enlightenment and for this he searched everywhere. His search ended before Param Dayal Maharaj Shivbrat Lal Ji. Swami Govind Koul was a saint by birth only. This was proven true by one glimpse of Maharaj Shivbrat Lal Ji who after one look at him made the prediction that from today Swami Ji is authorized to give Naam Daan and that he will never ever make any query as regards spirituality from his guru. This shows Swami Ji belonged to such supreme caliber. The prediction made by Maharaj ShivbaratlalJi has also been confirmed by Baba Faqir chand Ji in his satsangs who happens to be the spiritual soul mate of his time. The spiritual attainment of Swami Ji can be judged from the bhajans that have been compiled by the Emperor Of Kashmir and his disciple Bhagywani of Muran.
Swami Ji used to give definition of Nirakar (Formless God) through the feelings of love and devotion. In his kashmiri leela kavya the introduction of Sahaj Samadhi, Surat Shabad Yog and Sahaj Chakras has been analysed by exercising the saint cult and Radhasoami cult. Saint Ramanandas poetry has also made a wide effect. Prominent Shaivacharya Shri Laxman Ji Maharaj has also praised him a lot.

Swami Ji was not formally educated  but on the spiritual front there  was no parallel to him who could match his spiritual excellence. As per the statement made by one leading professor of Psychiatry from Switzerland – Dr. Boss “Swami Ji could not speak English, neither could I

understand his language but from the very beginning a silent communication fell between the two of us . The spiritual fire that I felt in him melted away all my confusions and I felt myself under vibration from tip to toe”.

Swami Ji had a very towering personality with a very tall height, illuminating, soul searching eyes and a tremendous spiritual glow on his face. Nobody was left untouched by his aura of spiritual dynamism. He had a very sweet voice and was always clad in a neat and clean attire, which made his personality more magnetic and powerful.

Among his followers were all the hindus , the muslims, the rich and the poor but he did not make any differentiation amongst them. He loved all equally. Swamiji practiced medicine also and freed several of his followers from various diseases be it mental or physical.

SwamiJi was always silent about himself. He did not believe in building establishments. No doubt he was a big landlord of his time but he also did not believe in having a huge following. He believed in the fact that if only one followed the path in real sense, that would be equivalent to a thousand followers. He described it in one of his bhajans which reads as ….[Shash fash anan yuth no foshi] alias don’t get angry if your followers ruin you. Although SwamiJi had a big following but he equally loved all, so much so that everyone felt that he or she was the special one

A lot of his followers have attained high spirituality but amongst them the more prominent personalities are Smt Mata Kamla Ji Kachru whom people call as Mataji and Sh. Prithvi Nath Ji Pandit who is remembered by his followers as Buji and Bobji. Swamiji himself had coronated the padvi of guru unto them and had authorized both of them to give Naam Daan and further any spiritual advise to those who came to them seeking for it.


Hyor kunuyi nazan kar
Lol sootya manuyi bar
Paanayi neri shar
Ban muchroav zuro

Be centered in the innate recesses of your being the ultimate reality will be infolded into you.

Swdhksi chet Aakash
Chamkan Jyoti Prakash

Stage of Prakash Aavirbav

Achh vuchan Andhar Gash
Andhrim Sir ma kar faash

Experience external bliss but be tongue-tied.
Swami Ji would follow the path of ‘Surat Shabda yog’ or ‘Naad bindu yog’. ‘Pachh nayi yiyikan ba bodhuyi, Paru Naad Bindu upnishadhuyi’ i.e if you do not trust my experience, consult, the writings in ‘Naad Bindu upnishad’. Further, Swami Ji expresses that :-

Swami Ji has recorded the technicalities and processes encountered during spiritual travel. Some illustrations are as under :-

About Meditation at Ajnachakra

Broomadhya kun Dhrishthi
Dharith, Swanith Guru
kan thav
Vazan chhuji naad bendh.

Concentrating midst eyebrows remember Guru Shabda, the eternal sound will be unfolded to you alongwith penetration of ‘Bindu’ for having holy bliss.

Swami Govind Kaul was fountainhead of spirituality, who had followers from far and wide. He would be discerned busy in daily chares, yet he was always within himself. People say that he would sit under ‘Chinar Tree for days together unaffected by seasonal fluctuations, spring, autumn or snowfall. Many a time people would remove snow over him and he would remain unmoved. In the evening of 12th August 1973 at 7:30 P.M Swami Ji left his corporeal frame ‘Jyoti Jot’ mingled.Swami Ji as a mystic poet Having command over typical Kashmir , with perfect musical rhymes and rhythm, assonance and alliteration, Swami Ji expressed his experiences in his poetry which is presently abridged as ‘Govind Amrit’. Teaching people the spiritual path he directed :-

Bhav dukh kasi diyi taar, Bhakti Bhav zuvo – Love, Bhakti.
Satguru shabdas sootya, paan pushraav zuvo – Surrender
Behekant jayay – Remain aloof.
Sootya preyam tu maayay – Filled with unconditional love.
badrith shraddhayay sevar, suyi naav zuvo – repeat ‘Naam’ with ‘Shradha’.
Banzay nervasan – Be without any craving.
Kharizi hesu shwasan, Trav loat vav zuvo – Inhale and exhale vital breath very cautiously and slowly.

Sahasrar Experience

Jyoti hunduyi naraz vuchh
Folith sahasrar vuchh
Omkar vuchh omkaar bendh


Udhay vatay gayi rav tu chandh

Appearing and fading of sun and moon.

Vuchh kya guham
Tana mandal
Mayayi kaalas


Appearing and fading of sun and moon.

Akisuyi Andhar
Gayi shabda kul

Slow and steady disappearance of all the above experience to be stable in blessed mood.
Bhanvar Gufa

Bhanvar Gufay munz

Here a disaple can fall prey to various appetencies. One has to be careful to treat the path ahead.

Nana shabdan kun sapudh


Agam, Annam

Vaatun chhu

Satguru dhaamyay

Alakh Agam Annamayay

Beyond comprehension this stage is completely the ‘Mehar Bakhshish’ of Perfect master.
This has been contributed Mrs Urmilla Pandita by thelast desciple of Swami Gobind Koul ji maharaj of Kashmir.
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